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Love them or hate them, but Kim Kardashian is known for her sparkling celebrity teeth.

Along with her shapely figure, sexy makeup, and trendsetting looks, Kim clearly understands the power of having a magnetic grin that can command the attention of any room she walks into.


It starts with having an amazing set of super white teeth. This attention to detail has been part of Kim’s incredible rise to the top of the reality celebrity ranks.

Kim Kardashian’s million dollar smile has helped make a social media star.


Kim’s incredible grin lights up any room. . . and it’s the center of paparazzi shots around the world.

She and her famous sisters all know how important it is to have a great smile to complement their head-turning styles.

You can have cute clothes, wear hot makeup, but if your teeth don’t look great, what’s the point?” — Kim Kardashian


So what’s Kim’s secret? She credits Idol White for her sparkling teeth and incredible smile.
Light up any room you walk into too with Idol White teeth whitening product.

Of course, you could always have your teeth polished at a dentist’s office, but not everyone has the budget for that. There has to be another way.

Oh no, what happened to your million dollar smile, Johnny?! The pitfalls of gnarly, unkempt teeth can even bring famous actors like Johnny Depp into the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

Oh no, what happened to your million dollar smile, Johnny?! The pitfalls of gnarly, unkempt teeth can even bring famous actors like Johnny Depp into the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

The ever beloved actor Johnny Depp was barely recognizable on the red carpet. Even fame and fortune is no guarantee of great teeth or a a million dollar smile. Please Johnny, take a lesson from Kim, she can help! Kim knows that Idol White is the ultimate solution for yellow teeth.

Forget over-the-counter whitening toothpastes. They are not effective enough to get the superior level of white teeth that people want. Also, some products can actually harm teeth with abrasive ingredients that’s better suited to a car than to teeth. Avoid all that with Idol White which uses natural ingredients.

Kim's Million Dollar Smile

Kim’s Million Dollar Smile

The secret weapon available to mostly celebrities and stylists, but now available to the mass market, is a special peroxide gel kit. In fact, this is the ingredient used in most dental offices. But imagine having the ease of owning it yourself for pennies on the dollar and available in your own bathroom, anytime you want!

Whether your teeth are stained by coffee, tea, soda, or from neglect, the Kardashian teeth whitening endorsed kit is the perfect solution. Don’t hide your teeth any longer. Just uncap, apply, and smile liberally. Your brilliant white grin will be ready to go!

I love that I can get professional results at home without spending thousands at the dentist.” –Kim Kardashian

Personally used by Kim and her sisters, this product is available with a risk free trial plus a ninety day refund guarantee.You will amaze yourself with how many people will be enchanted by your gorgeous new smile.

How Will This Work On You?

Without a doubt, the Kardashians know fashion and style. They’ve banked their career on their beauty savvy.

Using a top teeth whitener with a special blend of natural ingredients like Idol White will bring out the natural white shade of your teeth. So emulating the Kardashian style has never been easier.


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