Mom Records Her Son’s Adorable Reaction To Her Pregnancy Announcement

When a woman announces that she’s expecting a baby, we’ve seen all kinds of different reactions. Many, especially parents and grandparents, shriek and are in sheer disbelief. They’re beyond overjoyed, and they want the world to know!

The woman’s children may have slightly different reactions. While some may be very excited for a brother or sister, others may appear to be disappointed, even sad that they will have to share their mom and dad with another being.

But it’s this little boy’s reaction that may be my absolute favorite. While he is excited about his mom’s pregnancy, he expresses a feeling I have never seen on a child’s face before: it’s what seems to be relief!

The clever mom recorded her son’s adorable reaction. She hands him a photo of her ultrasound, and it doesn’t take him long to connect the dots. He’s going to be a big brother!

The smile that breaks out on his face is so heartwarming, I couldn’t help but smile myself.

Better yet, the little one collapses on the bed, almost overwhelmed with happiness… He’s going to be such a great older brother!

Do you remember when you were first told about your young siblings’ arrival? Let us know what your reaction was in the comments below!

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