Guide For Helping Older Siblings Cope With The New Baby

With the birth of another child in your family, the elder siblings fear that the new baby will snatch their most beloved and precious mother’s time from them.

This is how a child’s consciousness functions: it’s challenging to comprehend how things are. They see only one mom and now another child that demands more attention.

The battle for mom’s attention, affection, and care begin due to this internal conflict.

Aggression toward the newborn, demonstrative disobedience, obvious jealously or envy, or a decline in school performance are all examples of how older siblings can react.

How your siblings life is changing with the newborn

new baby and sibling

With the newborn in the family, the world of the oldest siblings changes considerably.

And, no matter how much you prepare them in advance, another child’s birthday can mark the start of a terrible string of contradictions for the elder siblings.

It is only in your power to make this transition softer and easier for them, as well as to maintain a solid and tender bond between all your children.

The most important thing is not to scold or shout at the older siblings. Their lousy conduct is a cry for help, a yearning to reach out to their parents, who are the most important people in their life.

Show your children equal amounts of love and attention, demonstrating how special and irreplaceable each individual is to you.

You should essentially note each of your children’s strengths and concentrate on them. Not only to observe them, but also to:

  • Speak about their qualities
  • Congratulate them on their accomplishments
  • Emphasize the value of their aims and hobbies

Show them your love

mom showing love to child

The first and most important thing is to provide the eldest siblings with as much attention, love, and care as possible.

Sure, it isn’t easy with a newborn, but it’s got to happen.

You can tell your children how much you love them a million times, but if they don’t feel it, they will never believe you. As a result, the elders must believe that the mom’s love has not altered and has not diminished after the baby’s birth.

Tell them how much you missed them during your time in hospital and how much you wanted to hug them.

Give the older siblings a ‘realistic gift’ from their younger brother or sister to make the first meeting between your youngsters more pleasant.

Paired relationships

mom and daughter

A happy family is one in which has all of the relationships are formed in pairs.

This is harmony between:

  • Mom and oldest child
  • Mom and youngest child
  • Dad and oldest child
  • Dad and youngest child

The entire family will then feel like a single, powerful, and unified entity.

This is not a challenging task to accomplish. Choose one or two days a month when mom and daughter spend the entire day together at a park, spa, or the movies, while dad and son enjoy boys’ activities.

Reading before bedtime is another opportunity to embed these paired relationships.

These are extremely lovely times for a child: you read a book together, lay down in an embrace, talk a little about the day, and wish each other good night.

Joint weekend planning

family on a walk

It is critical to ask about the children’s plans for the upcoming weekend.

Take into account everyone’s interests, but keep in mind that family is about more than just creating a haven for children.

Mom and dad also have the right to their hobbies, interests, and hobbies.

Elder sibling’s help in caring for the newborn

sibling helping with newborn on couch

For instance, if they want to hold the baby in their arms, you can do it on the sofa so that both children are safe.

Of course, an older child can accidentally harm a younger sibling. It is essential to be cautious in this situation, but this should be an internal concern rather than an external one. It is all too easy to scare children away from a younger sibling.

Parents’ job is to anticipate the elder’s initiative and prepare an airbag in advance for pleasant communication between both children.

Never leave an older sibling in charge of your newborn. It is completely unfair to leave the responsibility of your newborn to your other children.

A special mission is to be a senior sibling.

sibling helping with newborn

Explain to your children the value of being an elder sibling.

This is a huge responsibility that also comes with a lot of possibilities.

If we focus on the positive aspects of seniority, the children will see themselves as lucky persons rather than victims in this situation.

Their younger brother or sister will not be so fortunate. As a result, there is little reason for resentment or jealousy.

Communication in the language of emotions

emotions yellow balls

When your older siblings get a better understanding of their own and others’ feelings, it is easier for them to cope with not only the challenges of having a younger sibling but also all of the other challenges that may arise in their life.

As a result, it is critical to express and pronounce emotions.

For example, “I understand you’re sad since we didn’t get to go to a film you wanted to see,” or “I realize you’re angry because your toy truck was taken away from you by your brother.”

Absence of strict rules and restrictions

strict granny

For the entire family, the first few months are a difficult period of adjustment.

It’s important to remember that the older siblings are still little children and that this childishness can take on new hues with the arrival of the younger ones.

The elder, for example, begins to imitate the younger: he lisps, mispronounces words, reintroduces the pacifier, or whines. The important thing here is not to become irritated but to determine what you are willing to accept and what is still too much for you.

Relax during the first few months, and the time will be much easier on you and your family!


Helping your older child adjust to the new sibling is vital to making your life easier in the early stages. It is best to prepare before the baby arrives, and then the task will be much easier.

With your first child, it was a little easier because you only had to deal with them. Now, you will have to deal with a newborn and an older sibling.

Being a big brother or sister is a challenging task! As parents, it is your job to ensure they are not left out as you begin to raise your new baby.

Good luck!

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