How To Get Your Child Excited About School

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There are plenty of reasons for a child not to be excited about school. Sometimes, the parents themselves have a lot to do with it.

Whenever a child is not enthusiastic about school, it can be frustrating. At times, frustration, depression, lack of motivation, bullying, or sickness can contribute to the cause of your child not getting excited about school.

Let’s take a closer look.

9 Things You Can Do To Get Kids Excited About School

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Notwithstanding the situation, you can remedy the problem. You might know why your child is not excited about school; So, it`s your job as a parent to get them excited. Interestingly, the things you can do to achieve this are quite simple but require dedication.

Be Their Role Model

You are the first and most influential role model to your child. Therefore, be an influential mentor while acting as a role model. You may be extremely busy with work. In that case, you can employ a caregiver for your child and ensure that this person acts as a teacher.

When you read a book or attend any academic class, you showcase the importance of learning to your children. In other words, you are instilling a positive learning attitude and placing the importance of education in their lives.

Once they see you exhibiting these character traits, it becomes natural for them to get excited about school.

Teach Them to Maintain Respect

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At times, your child might feel reluctant to go to school because of the attitude of one of their teachers. If you recall, you didn’t like some teachers when you were in school as well. Notwithstanding the adoration or disdain, they are teachers and therefore deserve respect.

Teach your child always to respect adults, regardless of how they perceive that person.

Try to speak high of the teachers because it would help your kid respect them. Tell your children to respect and obey their teachers because they are at school to help them become anything they want to be in the future.

Get your Child Involved

Education isn’t all about spending time in a classroom. There are also fun parts – after-school activities such as clubs and sports.

ncourage your child to pick interest in activities beyond the classroom. For example, you can get them registered in the football club, dancing team, singing competition, or other extracurricular activities. By doing that, they will always be excited and look forward to school.

Resist Overscheduling

Karate tournaments, baseball practices, art classes, and music lessons require a lot of time. Most children are extremely overscheduled with numerous school and after-school activities. Some parents need to hire a personal assistant to get them organized.

Although your child might love these after-school activities, which can help improve their future college applications, it can become overwhelming at times.

Therefore, as a parent, resist the urge to get them signed up for several after-school activities; your child needs some downtime for him or herself. The lesser the distraction, the more you minimize homework hassles.

If your child loves several activities, you can help them to shortlist the most important activities for them to participate in. By doing that, you can help your child with scheduling the most important activities.

Create a Homework Routine

When your child has an endless amount of homework to do, they can become unexcited about school. However, homework is part of the learning process. You can designate a pleasant homework routine and a timeframe to get the homework done.

If you remember, when growing up, your parents always asked you to do your homework in a quiet room.

However, most kids nowadays prefer using the kitchen table or their bedroom floor. You can ask your child about their preferred location to be in when doing their homework. Ensure there is no blaring music or TV around so that they can concentrate properly.

Furthermore, motivate them to complete their homework before playing. If your child has several assignments, they can take short breaks in between to disrupt the cycle of staying in a particular place for a long time.

Encourage Relationships with Other Kids

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While your child can make friends at school, you shouldn’t pressure them into socializing. Instead, allow your child to gravitate towards kids they love hanging out with. You don’t have to force them to make friends because friendship isn’t about quantity but quality.

The quality of friends they have will enable them to build a good relationship, influencing them positively.

Develop an Interest in their Educational Growth

If you don’t have an interest in your children’s education, they will lack excitement about anything related to school. On the other hand, developing an interest in your children’s education creates a feeling of responsibility and importance.

There are several ways to show interest – doing homework with them, asking about their favorite subject, teacher, or after-school event.

Be active in their education; also volunteer for activities when their school has a program. It shows you value their progress and schoolwork. Notwithstanding how busy your schedule might be, please find time to attend special events and activities they are involved in.

Practicalize the Theory

If you find out that your child is interested in a particular subject, you can help make it more exciting. Help your child set up science experiments at home or visit a local museum. If they are taught something at home, they can get the items needed to practicalize it at home.

This way, they will become excited about school because they apply their knowledge in a real-life situation.

Create a Reward System

Reward their efforts instead of the outcome. It would send a message that you respect their hard work and effort. Praising your kids for making an effort or trying to do something they weren’t sure of can help teach them the value of pushing themselves.

Therefore, please don’t focus on the outcome even though it is important. Firstly, praise them for the effort before working on the result.

Once they recognize you value their effort, they would like to improve or get a better result next time. Even if your child didn’t perform well, encourage them to learn from their mistakes.

Conclusion – Get Support

It is frustrating seeing your kids not getting excited about school. You might have done everything possible to get them excited; why not seek support? Some schools have support groups for parents with kids that are less motivated about school.

You can schedule a meeting to get help from the school group. Here, you’ll discover that you are not the only one facing such a challenge. You can hear people who have faced a similar situation and how they navigated through the process.

Alternatively, you can hire a therapist to reach a solution. This is always a viable option that can be resorted to when all other options fail. Your child doesn’t have to be demotivated about going to school – it’s possible to change their attitude and approach towards education!

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