Surviving A Long-Distance Relationship As A Parent

Most people have the perception that long-distance relationships don’t work.

Your friends and family might discourage you because of the numerous stories they might have heard. If you aren’t married, you might consider these stories and change your mind.

However, for a parent in a long-distance relationship, it can be pretty hectic and frustrating. For example, several things might contribute to having a long-distance relationship, including work transfer, a new job opportunity in another state, or health-related issues.

The truth remains that long-distance relationships aren’t easy.

The distance creates and makes things unachievable. Furthermore, things can become complicated with lonely nights and sad moments. Sometimes, you wish your spouse was close enough to cuddle you or spend a special moment together.

Whatever the situation may be, it is never easy as it requires time and dedication.

Nevertheless, the extra distance can make things get sweeter because you can understand the importance of walking together, eating at the same table, feeling their touch, and sleeping on the same bed.

Suddenly, every moment becomes precious, and the long-distance can help you spice things up.

In this article, you will learn essential tips on surviving a long-distance relationship with your spouse, even if you have a kid.

Tips for Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship as a Parent

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Notwithstanding the distance – small or large, a long-distance relationship as a parent can break down anyone.

While adults can handle the emotional stress of long distances, it can destabilize children’s mental and emotional well-being.

Therefore, to survive a long-distance relationship as a parent with your child or spouse, there are essential tips you can implement in your relationship.

Make it a team effort.

Children perform better when they live together with their parents. Maintaining those bonds can be hard for a long-distance relationship with children involved.

However, couples must understand and internalize that making the relationship work requires both parties.

There should be a concrete plan to ensure the children don’t feel the parent’s absence.

Nevertheless, if you and your spouse are separating, that is a different situation.

Perhaps, you are the custodial parent; it means keeping the long-distance parent acquainted with their daily details.

A centralized communication method can help both parents feel involved in the parenting process to strengthen the parent-child bond.

Using video or calls, you can help your kids prepare. Please encourage them to list what they want to talk about.

You can create a running list on a board, fridge, phone, or family bulletin board. Encouraging your kids to communicate with your spouse can help strengthen the bond between them.

Create an adaptable Parenting Plan

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Planning is central to any long-distance relationship as a parent. You can make frequent traveling to visit your spouse.

However, the success of your parenting plan would depend on the goal of both spouses. For example, if you made it a team effort to build your long-distance relationship as a parent, you are a step closer to creating a solid bond with your spouse.

Create a timetable for visiting your spouse with the kids; the plan should include expenses, expectations, and things to discuss.

For instance, you can decide when the visitation can take place. For example, who will handle the expenses involved in the visitation?

Creating plans will help mitigate any conflict or confusion you might have had due to the long distance. A long-distance relationship can change things drastically.

Be proactive and consistent.

You might become “used” to living alone, and you will struggle with your spouse’s absence.

To solidify a long-distance relationship as a parent, you must have a regular video chat or phone call schedule. This should include your kid to help make it memorable and fun.

For instance, having a scheduled time to talk to your spouse can help your children look forward to talking to the other parent.

With this, the strain of having a long-distance relationship can be reduced if the child knows they have access to their parent.

Consistency in planning everything is paramount as it determines the success of your long-distance relationship.

To survive a long-distance relationship as a parent, both parents must strive to communicate consistently without any last-minute changes.

Stay Positive

Surviving a long-distance relationship as a parent can affect your mental health. You need to stay positive and think positive thoughts about your spouse. Injecting positive energy can help keep your relationship alive.

Long-distance relationships can be painful with many lonely nights, but you must remember that everything works for your good.

Negative vibes won’t do any good. For instance, thinking your spouse is dating someone will create a vacuum and suspicion in every call.

First, you will question their attitude and reactions. Then, suddenly, you become suspicious once your spouse does not adhere to your scheduled appointment or misses your call.

However, a reliable trick to avoid such a situation is to remain grateful for everything. So be thankfu for the opportunity to have a spouse that cares about you and your kids.

Add some creativity

It doesn’t matter if you have a regular schedule to visit or communicate with each other; you can flex your creativity muscles by occasionally doing something spontaneously.

For example, you can record a video message, capture a critical moment of an event at home, or send a gift, reminding your loved ones they are constantly on your mind.

Being creative doesn’t have to be a daily interaction. Holidays, thanksgiving, and special celebrations can help build a long-distance relationship and make it highly adaptable.

Always find a creative way to build stronger bonds with your children by planning how to spice up things.

Avoid “tense” situations.

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You might decide to have a night out with your friends; if it displeases your spouse, you should discuss the issue. Of course, you can always reassure your spouse that nothing will happen if they are concerned about your safety.

However, if it creates friction when such conversion comes up, the best option is to avoid it at all costs. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be careless or become insensitive to your spouse’s concerns.

Otherwise, you might put them in a position to feel their absence is creating a gap or lack of control.


Surviving a long-distance relationship as a parent can take a massive toll on your mental and emotional health.

However, any parent can go the extra mile to ensure their child never lack the parental role and touch of each parent. To successfully build a long-distance relationship, you must prepare and work relentlessly.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is; both parents have a role in planning. Do not forget that dancing tango always requires two partners.

The time and attention both parents create can positively influence the child. With these few tips, you can effectively survive a long-distance relationship without feeling that coldness creeping into the relationship and eventually destroying it.

You don’t have to allow distance to turn your relationship into something terrible.

You can still enjoy that relationship bliss even when your spouse and kids are far from you.

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