10 Things Moms Can Do to Inspire Daddy Bonding Time

1. Make More Margin in Your Life

You can create more margin in your life by implementing a few rules to your daily tasks. That way, you will be more available to help inspire daddy bonding time!

These tips will help:

  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Work smarter
  3. Have time to organize
  4. do not interact with time wasters

And, of course, if daddy is busy bonding with your little one, you get even more time back!

2. Set a Great Example

If you are calm and quiet with the children, get down on the floor, play a board game, and become the ideal parent, chances are he’ll be inspired to “up” his parenting game.

Setting a great example will help him know what it looks like and how much fun it can be to spend more time with the children.

3. Allow Him Downtime

I’m an extrovert. I don’t need much downtime.

I also spend all day with the kids, and I’m used to the chaos.

Most dads work outside the home. They aren’t used to children’s noise and general rowdiness as much as you are.

Giving him a chance to relax during the evening (or even right after he gets home) will allow his brain to refocus and his body to be energized to play with the kiddos.

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4. Let Him Lead

dad bonding with daughter

Allowing your husband time and space to find his way to spend time with the children.

If you force him to spend time or try to manipulate him with guilt, he’ll only resent you (and perhaps the kids) for it.

Letting your husband lead the way in connecting with the children will make for a more genuine bond.

5. Pray

Nothing moves mountains like prayer.

Take to your knees if you are having a tough time getting your husband to bond with the children.

The God of Heaven desires that children have present-minded fathers. He is faithful to answer your cries for help!

6. Leave

Often, husbands might feel like their wives are hovering and judging their parenting efforts.

Leaving the house (or at least the room) allows him to be his own man.

Turn off your cell phone (with his permission) so your children aren’t tempted to call for “mom’s way” of doing things.

I would encourage moms to discuss the possibility of leaving home for a few days (tell your husband that you’ll reciprocate the favor). Giving your husband and children more than simply a few hours together will create memories that will last forever.

7. Trust

Think about this: You and your husband have been parents for the exact amount of time.

I know. Mind-blowing, right?

Moms don’t have the corner on the market to raise children. Fathers are just as capable.

Trust him. Trust his judgment. Trust his parenting ability. 

It might just surprise you what he can accomplish.

8. Praise His Efforts

Compliments and praise for efforts (even ones that aren’t grand) do wonders for a man’s ego.

He might not see his job well done, and it helps to have someone else tell him he’s doing good.

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An added benefit, if he gets used to you pointing out his accomplishments, he might be more apt to point out the wonderful things he sees you doing with the children!

9. “Go Ask Your Father.”

Moms tend to take over every chore, question, and request.


If your children come in for something, don’t hesitate to say, “Go Ask Your Father.”

Allowing children to realize that mommy doesn’t always have to be the one to complete a task allows fathers to take the lead.

And don’t just save the unwanted tasks for dad (in fact, I would caution against that!), but when they ask you, “when did you and dad get married?” or “what did you think when you found out you were pregnant with me?” send them dad’s way!

It’s important that your children not only recognize your husband as a useful parent but as a person with great thoughts and feelings.

10. Tell the Kids How Awesome Dad Is

My kids will often ask me something. I might even have the answer.

But if the subject at hand is something my husband is especially skilled in, I’ll redirect their attention to his expertise.

“Your daddy is soooo smart. Go ask him about the time he did XYZ.”

Let him hear your words. When they come to him for information or a story, he’ll be willing to pour into their little souls.

Above all, when employing these silent tactics, make sure your mommy-heart is in the right place. Doing everything with a good heart paves the way for a flourishing relationship between you, your spouse, and your children.

Doing things out of a selfish heart robs the joy you’ll, and your husband would otherwise find.

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