Advertise your Soundcloud music and collect plays, followers and feedback


Being on a social network is easy, being in a music network is easy as well. However, when it comes to advertising take our step back due to the expensiveness. We don’t promote our social network as creating ads is hugely expensive. Neither it can give us a profit, nor it will give us the surety. That is why, we hate advertising, but there is a different part of it where you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you also don’t need to create an ad. Everything can be done automatically; not automatically, someone else will do it for you. Yes, advertising without any efforts; just do what you are doing on Soundcloud, for example, uploading tracks, talking to people, and other favorite things.

Second, You need to think about your fans. People will be your fans if you already have many fans. To get them, you should buy Soundcloud followers from Simula┬ápromotions. Followers will help you in advertising as they will share your music with their friends and this will also enable the increase in Soundcloud plays. Purchased play, plus followers will tend to generate more popularity. Once you have both, you don’t need to worry about the ranking of your tracks. So this is the second thing you need to consider; Buy Soundcloud followers.…

IN SEASON: Honeydew melon


One of summer’s bountiful variety of melons, the honeydew lives up to its honey-sweet name if you find the right combination of size and ripeness. As with other fresh melons on the market, the larger fruit that grow near the ground, called “crown fruit,” are the best eating quality Average price: $2.39 each. Peak time: July-October.

Tips for selection and storage: Honeydew, like other melons, must ripen on the vine to be at its sweetest. When the sugar level reaches its highest, the melon will break cleanly away from the stem. Avoid melons with part of the stem left on.…

Cooper lauds SEC play


“Year in and year out the best college football in the nation is played in the Southeastern Conference, but this year the Big 12 and the Pac-10 seem to have the best teams.”

That’s the way John Cooper, former Ohio State coach, sees the season of 2001 to this point.

As for the top teams in the nation this fall, Cooper told members of the 1st and 10 Club Monday night that Miami is best, followed by Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Nebraska.…